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PRINT® Profiling

A new approach to psychometric profiling

PRINT® profiling is a new approach which helps organisations to gain insight into what motivates our behaviour.

PRINT® was devised to help organisations to improve personal and team productivity. In the past organisations have relied on traditional psychometric testing tools like Myers-Briggs. The objective of these traditional methods was to establish ‘what we do’. PRINT® profiling goes a step further and helps to establish why we do things the way we do. What we can find out about individual and team behaviours can enable us to take control of how we do things and spend less time on unproductive behaviours.

The development of PRINT®

PRINT® was developed by Dr Paul Hertz. His research identified the ‘quality ceiling’ which indicated that there is always a limit to how much quality can be improved in a business because of issues with team dynamics. He found that making improvements in team dynamics through traditional psychometric analysis was difficult because these tests show how people act but not why they act like they do. This prompted him to spend ten years developing a test to establish ‘unconscious motivators’ which are the hidden reasons why we do what we do.

Important factors in PRINT®

There are a number of important factors that PRINT® profiling helps us to establish:

  • Our ‘best self’ is us when we are at our best – being productive and using our strengths and talents well
  • ‘Shadow behaviour’ is what we do to satisfy our unconscious motivators and involves negative behaviours
  • ‘Triggers’ are the negative events that disengage us and bring out our shadow self. The purpose of PRINT® is to identify how to avoid these triggers.

In practice

PRINT® profiling has been proven to have a positive effect on:

  • Supporting leadership
  • Increasing performance – making teams more effective by improving relationships
  • Providing a foundation for wider change programmes
  • Boosting individual communication skills
  • Enhancing recruitment and career progression by ensuring that the right people are placed in the right roles
  • Helping to support conflict resolution
  • Improving individual performance and productivity

Matthew, Leoni and Fiona are accredited PRINT® coaches, and will work with your organisation on all of these specific areas.

We will carry out the PRINT® profile of your team and create detailed profiles of their motivations.

We also run PRINT® workshops which put the findings into practice and help teams to work better together and improve the quality of their results.

If you are interested in PRINT® Profiling and the benefits that it can offer your organisation, speak to MCS & Partners today and we will provide you with access to our software so you can try the profiling for yourself.

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