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Improving Employee Engagement

Engage your employees in growing your business

  • Build and engaged and productive workforce
  • Understand what motivates your employees
  • Build strong teams and strong leaders
  • Take your business to the next level

Improving Employee Engagement for Your Business

We would love to setup a free initial conversation to understand how your workforce currently performs and to discuss the ways in which we can boost their engagement in your business.

Our Unique Approach to Employee Engagement

Put simply employee engagement is making sure that staff are working effectively towards the goals the business wants to achieve. An engaged employee is happy in their work and proactively tries to improve the business they work for by doing their best every day.

We call our approach ‘Therapy for Organisations’ and it is focussed on what motivates people and how they communicate with each other. We seek to understand your employee’s motivations, language and behaviour to get them engaged in their job. We use a range of techniques to assess employee motivation and engagement including psychometric testing, NLP and Gestalt coaching.

To get employees truly engaged it is important to know what makes them tick as an individual and it is this that we uncover. Once we, and your employees, understand what makes them tick we can get them, and their team engaged.

Our consultancy team

Matthew Sutcliffe

Matthew is an experienced business consultant and coach. He is gestalt trained, a qualified performance coach and an accredited PRINT® coach. Matthew can help with both personal and team coaching to identify and implement the changes that you want to make.

Matthew is regional events organiser for the Association for Coaching and organises their co-coaching forums.

Leoni Kitchin

Leoni is a Master Practitioner in NLP, an accredited PRINT® coach and has an MSc in Coaching. She also has an MBA from the University of Bath, is a chartered member of the CIPD and is qualified by the BPS in psychometric testing.

Leoni’s focus as a consultant is on the HR site. She can help you with getting more out of your employees and will help you to design solutions and improve relationships at all levels in your organisation.

Fiona Wales

Fiona is a qualified performance coach, as well as being accredited in MBTI and PRINT® coaching and an expert in leadership development.

Fiona’s focus as a consultant is on helping you create and implement your business vision. She will help you to build engagement across your teams and help you to inspire your people to want to take the journey with you.

Start improving your business today!

We would love to setup a free initial conversation talk about your business and how our business coaches and boost your business performance.