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What is NLP and how can it help your business?

NLP business communicationNLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The basic idea behind NLP is that by changing the way we use language we can change the way that we behave. More advanced NLP also uses the idea of ‘modelling’. This is where individuals can use the example of exceptional people to modify their own language and behaviour.

Neuro Linguistic Programming first came to prominence in California in the 1970s. Since then it has been used by psychologists and coaches to help people improve their own lives and to help businesses and organisations. There are two big principles of NLP that can be used to boost business performance. These are language & thought and modelling.


Language & Thought

One of the main principles behind NLP is the connection between what we say and what we are thinking on an unconscious level. The words and phrases that we use in everyday life can reveal a lot about how our unconscious mind works and what motivates us. By studying this connection between language and unconscious thought we can begin to understand ourselves better and also to better understand those around us.

Once we have an understanding of the connection between language and thought you can start to use one to change the other. By altering the language that we use ourselves we can start to reduce negative behaviours and improve positive ones. This can have an obvious impact on our own work life and careers. It can help us to stop procrastinating. or being negative about changes, and can help us to embrace new business ideas and opportunities.

By studying the language we use with other people we can also start to influence how they think. This has obvious applications in sales but also in HR and people management. An experienced practitioner of NLP can use its techniques to motivate staff and make them more productive.



Modelling is a more advanced aspect of Neuro Linguistic Programming and not all NLP training courses and coaches will cover it. While studying the connection between language and thought will help us to understand our own behaviour, and that of others around us, it does not always tell us what to do to make positive changes. This is where modeling comes in.

With modelling we identify an individual who is successful, this can be within your business or in the wider business or social world. We can then use NLP techniques to study the language that person uses, how they behave and what that tells us about their unconscious motivations. Once we have a map of their thoughts, behaviours and language we can start to adopt them into our own life and work to model their success.

In business modelling can be used by managers and leaders to adopt behaviours from highly successful people like Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. By beginning to model their language and behaviour on successful people managers and business leaders can begin to change the way they think, and run their business.


How MCS and Partners use NLP

Our focus at MCS & Partners is on improving communication to improve businesses. We believe that the solution to most business problems lies with the people who work in the business. Our job is to help employees communicate and explore those solutions and to support them in making the changes needed. NLP coaching is one of the methods that we use to support improved communication and understanding. NLP can help employees understand what motivates them so that they become more productive. NLP can also be used by managers to communicate more effectively with staff and with customers.

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