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What makes you tick? PRINT® profiles can show you….

better still – what makes your colleagues tick?

PRINT® profiles allows you to do pretty much just that.

Years of research, extensive field testing and almost 20 years of practical experience has shown that there is a way to get beyond the surface of how people behave, to delve deeper than simply what their action preferences are and to explore the “why” of what they are doing.

If you understand what drives you, what motivates you, you can start to understand what it is you need to be at your very best, to act behave and think in the ways which are most useful for you.

By the same token, you can learn what knocks you off course, what small triggers can act to turn your thinking, behaviour and actions into a non-resourceful state.

How good would it be to know that about yourself?

How excellent would it be to know that about your colleagues, your boss, your team?

You can learn ways to anticipate the triggers that lead to unhelpful behaviour and develop strategies to avoid them or to recover quickly from that setback. You come to understand the optimum ways for approaching your colleagues – and what ways are likely to antagonise them.


More effective ways of working for you.

More effective collaboration with your team.

And that means significantly higher performance from everyone.

Which in turn means greater success in reaching their goals you set yourself.

Print® goes way beyond the “what” of your behaviour and reveals in startling clarity the Unconscious Motivators® behind that behaviour too.

Well established in the United States, PRINT® is now available in the UK.

From an individual profile to a team workshop, from a one-off exploration to 360 feedback and on to a full organisational development programme, PRINT® profiles can kickstart your cultural change agenda.

Get PRINT®ed today!

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