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How business coaching can improve your work life balance

business coaching for work life balanceWe often call our approach therapy for organisations. Really though our approach to business coaching is about people. We coach business owners, executives and leaders to help them run their organisations more effectively. One of the areas that this coaching focuses on is the individual’s personal life. We believe that if a business leader has a fulfilling personal life it will directly impact on their business success.

There are obvious ways that personal life can impact on business life. A family crisis, a breakdown in childcare arrangements or a serious illness could all have a big impact on how focussed we are in the office. However, there is also a more subtle interplay between our personal life and our work life.

Our beliefs, values and motivations determine how we think and how we respond to issues and challenges. Most people don’t have one set of beliefs, values and motivations for their personal life and a completely separate set for their work life. There will always be some overlap and interplay. Understanding how our personal beliefs, values and motivations guide the choices we make can help make us more efficient and successful at work.


Understanding Motivations

We use a range of tools to help our business coaching clients uncover and understand their true motivations. We use Print Profiling, Gestalt Therapy and NLP among a range of different approaches. All of these techniques are used with the same aim, that is to uncover what really matters to an individual and how that impacts on the ways in which they think and behave.

The deepest levels of what motivates us as individuals are often not work specific. A desire to avoid failure, or to be successful, can be bound up with our attitude to work but it isn’t necessarily exclusive to our working life. Similarly, there may be motivating factors which we try and deal with through work which might be better placed elsewhere.

By understanding what motivates you as an individual you can begin to focus on how you work the best. We will help you to uncover what factors motivate you to be successful and effective and what factors motivate you to do the opposite. Once these motivations have been identified you can begin to work out how to be your best self – both at home and at work.


Setting Targets

Being successful at work is great but it will be easier, and more fulfilling, if we also pay attention to our personal life to ensure a better work life balance. Our business coaches can help you to work out which areas of your personal life need work and then help you to plan, schedule and achieve the change that you need.

We will help you to focus on uncovering the motivations that lead to positive behaviour in your personal life. Once your personal motivations are known they can be used to set targets. The aim is to identify the motivations in every aspect of your life and to achieve a positive balance across all areas.


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