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Sounding boards – who needs them?

Communicating Change Management to Employees

Communication with employees is the most important element of change management but it is often done very badly. When change management fails it is often because management have communicated at employees, not communicated with employees. The key to successful change…
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Business Consultant or Business Coach – What is the difference?

If you are searching for someone to help you with your business you may find people offering their services as a business consultant and business coach, but what is the difference? The simple answer is that a business consultant will…
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What is The Thinking Environment and how can it help your business?

The Thinking Environment is based on ideas from Nancy Kline. The idea of The Thinking Environment is to create a culture where clear critical thinking is encouraged so that good decisions can be made. Anything that happens in a business…
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What is Dialogical Organisational Development?

Dialogical Organisation Development is a change management strategy based on theories by George Herbert Mead and Mikhail Bakhtin. Dialogical Organisation Development is used by parts of the NHS as well as by change management specialists such as MCS and Partners.…
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Tomorrow’s business leaders

  Delighted to be invited to judge the South Humber County Final of Young Enterprise Company 2017 Learning through experience is the surest way to develop awareness and understanding and that is at the heart of the way MCS & Partners…
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How business coaching can improve your work life balance

We often call our approach therapy for organisations. Really though our approach to business coaching is about people. We coach business owners, executives and leaders to help them run their organisations more effectively. One of the areas that this coaching…
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What is Gestalt Coaching and How Can It Help your Business?

Gestalt is a German term which means ‘whole’ or ‘holism’. The idea being to take a holistic approach. In Gestalt coaching this means that the focus is not on the individual, as it is in many other forms of coaching. Instead…
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What is NLP and how can it help your business?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The basic idea behind NLP is that by changing the way we use language we can change the way that we behave. More advanced NLP also uses the idea of ‘modelling’. This is where…
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What motivates employees? – Understanding Triggers

There is a lot of discussion in HR and management circles about what motivates employees. The traditional approach to employee motivation revolves heavily around bonuses and pay rises. Many studies have shown that this can have a negative effect on…
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