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Reach your destination faster – and with rock solid foundations.

Welcome to MCS and Partners

We are an exceptional coaching business using specially developed tool-kits along with approaches founded in psychology.
It’s a powerful combination that we call therapy for organisations.

A different approach

We create a space where you can explore and take risks, discover your potential and ultimately improve relationships, well being and business performance.

The approach is conversational enabling participants to arrive at the important questions – and it’s the answers that are key to future business growth and stability.

How we do it

We use methods that are proven to be effective from our years of experience in business coaching and combine them with techniques from relational therapy, NLP and Gestalt psychology – and we are masters in the field. Engaging, explorative and practical, our work has an immediate and positive impact, creating the foundations and energy for achieving goals.

Who we work with

We work with organisations of all sizes, from the public sector, the third sector to private businesses. We work with teams and individuals in the NHS, the Police, local authorities, charities and companies in Yorkshire and the Humber region. Whether you are a start-up with growth ambitions or an organisation that needs change, we will help you reach your destination.

PRINT® profiling

Self-awareness is hugely important for the success of individuals and teams. We are one of the leading accredited PRINT® coaching firms in East Yorkshire. It’s a highly illuminating profiling tool that not only tells you how you are likely to act, but also why. Learn about your best self and the triggers that lead to shadow behaviour.

The 'Click Factor'

Matthew, Fiona and Leoni put great emphasis on developing a rapport with individuals and teams, because, while the end game is about business outcomes, we are all human after all! The journey should be enjoyable and based on good relationships, trust and understanding, which we know is key to success. We call it the click factor.

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